March 28, 2015

Rediscovered from 1993

Torrey Pines Beach 1993
Mystical. I vividly remember seeing this scene and was struck by its allure. Still am. Just rediscovered while going through my archives. Shot as part of an assignment for an airline magazine on San Diego, but this image was not published. © Michael Going, all rights reserved

May 25, 2014

April 2, 2014

Old and the new....

I'm continuing to scan and post an edit from my library of unaltered Polaroids on my tumblr account.  The Joyce Magazine (Paris) assignment was really fun and quite a technical challenge of juxtaposing perfume against LA architecture. Making my amateur Polaroid SX-70 into a pinhole camera was the solution. I will eventually put the entire published editorial into a pdf that can be viewed online.

The other shot is a rare iPhone photo (I don't shoot much iPhone stuff...find it very frustrating camera to use) shot a few days ago...

1991 Tresor Perfume at Pacific Design Center and Paloma Picasso Perfume studio study
2014 Not Skinny Jeans

March 17, 2014

over 12,000 Polaroids never altered....

adding more to prior posts....From 1978-2006 I specialized in altered Polaroid SX-70 photography. I was pretty obsessed with it and it was a lot of fun. It got me around a good part of the world. I shot a lot for many different clients including myself. I couldn't alter every Polaroid I shot. There was always that immediate choice to make of what shots to hand manipulate and what shots to leave. I'm really happy that I never threw a Polaroid away. After 27 years I ended up with many boxes full of Polaroids. So I started to post a selected edit of this straight Polaroid catalog. It's a labor intensive job. Some of it is up and please check it out. BTW, the edit is random which reflects the storage protocol and my brain.

September 15, 2013


August 25, 2013
Jesse Oliva Joker impersonator is amazing....this is just one of many interesting shots of him...printed much darker than I usually do....I can't stay off of Hollywood Highland. So many interesting people to photograph

Twenty one seconds

July 13, 2013 Hollywood Highland Metro 7:57:21 seconds to 7:57:42 seconds